Princeton Lacrosse Association

Information & Registration

Age Groups


Mini-Tyke - Ages 5 & 6 - born in 2018 or 2019

Tyke - Ages 7 & 8 - born in 2016 or 2017

Novice - Ages 9 & 10 - born in 2014 or 2015

Pee Wee - Ages 11 & 12 - born in 2012 or 2013

Bantam - Ages 13 & 14 - born in 2010 or 2001

Midget - Ages 15 & 16 - born in 2008 or 2009



Lacrosse practices will start in March.  The practices will take place at the Similkameen Recreation Centre in Keremeos or the Tulameen Outdoor Rink until the ice has come out of the arena in Princeton.


The lacrosse season currently runs from April through the end of June with Provincials in July.  Typically, it should be expected to have one practice, one home game and one away game per week.  Tournament participation and extra games are at the discretion of individual teams.



Available through BC Lacrosse

Coaching & Refereeing


If you are interested in coaching and/or refereeing lacrosse, contact us at


Training and certification is provided and paid for by the assocaition.  Both coaching and officiating is very similar to what would be expected in hockey.



All divisions are $175 to register until March 1, 2024


Registration increases to $175 after March 1, 2024


If there are no games, registration will be $25 and the difference will be refunded.



Equipment necessary for playing lacrosse is:


Stick, gloves (hockey gloves ok, but should use lacrosse gloves), shoulder and arm pads (hockey ok), back/kidney pad (specifically for lacrosse), helmet (hockey helmet ok), and running shoes.