About us


We are a group that wants to get lacrosse restarted in Princeton and the Upper Similkameen Valley after a 108 year pause.

History of Lacrosse

The sport of lacrosse dates back to games played by indigineous Canadians hundreds of years before the first Europeans came to North America.  The game was played and treated with the ultimate respect as a gift from the creator.  Amongst the people who gifted us the game, it is still widely known as "the creator's game".  The first Europeans viewed the game with curiosity.  Jean de Brebeuf, a French missionary, named the game "la crosse" or the cross in French, for the way the stick looked like a bishop's staff.  Lacrosse was an incredibly popular sport in the Americas with the Canadian Lacrosse Assocation being formed in 1867.  The rules were codified and leagues took off across the country.  The game travelled west with the Canadian Pacific Railway in the 1870's and 1880's.  The game moved inside largely in Canada in the 1930's as box lacrosse.  The field game is still widely played internationally and in Canada as well.  

In the Similkameen Valley, lacrosse was played in the early 20th century with teams in Princeton, Hedley and Keremeos.  The sport died out in Princeton during WWI, with the last documented lacrosse game played here in 1913.  After 108 years, we feel it's time to give it a shot again!